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Last updated November 11th, 2016.

campervan financeGidday everyone – hope you had a blast over the weekend.

I watched my little cubs enjoy their soccer then we all packed into the Stadium-mobile for the drive back to the cave, which included a wee trip through the drive-in at the Golden Arches. They really should get a honey burger on the menu you know.

Which reminds me to remind you guys, here at Stadium Finance, we don’t just lend on cars. If your pack just got bigger and you need a people mover, or your honey business expanded and you need a new delivery van, then we can help you out.

You’ll get a super dooper fast decision with tons more options and often much sharper rates than from ‘you know who’. Just give us a tingle on 0508 588 522 or press your paw on the Apply Now button on the website.

And before I forget, thanks to everyone who has entered our petrol voucher give-away. There’s still time to upload a picture of your car, or boat or tricked up tractor to be in with a chance to gas-up on us.

Good luck

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