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Protecting You and Your Family When Trouble Strikes

Last updated July 24th, 2015.

Gidday everyone – the family and I had a bit of a shock last week, when Uncle came a cropper on the farm, when he accidentally came off his quad bike!

The silly old billy tipped over in a ditch. Thank goodness he was wearing the crash helmet Aunty insisted he wear, but never the less, he’s pretty beat up with a broken paw.

The thing is, he can’t do the farm chores now for at least three months – and him being the main honey-earner is going to put a bit of pressure on things.

But the good news is, Uncle had taken out a Stadium Finance Lifestyle Protection insurance policy when he got a loan from us for the quad bike.

That means he and Aunty are covered for their repayments and no one is going to lose any sleep, well perhaps the old boy might with a hulking great plaster cast on his paw.

If you want to give your family peace of mind when trouble strikes then talk to the ‘Good Sport’s’ at Stadium Finance.

Just give us a tingle on 0508 588 522 or press your paw on the Apply Now button on the website.


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